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From the threat of climate change to the response to the Covid pandemic, we know that it is only through cooperation with others that we can solve some of the biggest challenges we face. Our Scottish Future aims to show how cooperative working by governments within the United Kingdom can deliver the change we all seek.
To that end, we are setting up four Commissions – on healthcare, economic growth, the environment, and child poverty – which are all seeking to answer the same question: how can better cooperation between our governments deliver the happier, healthier, greener future we all desire?
We are bringing together some key thinkers and will publish our reports and analysis here over the coming months.


Chair: Robin Harper 

The looming catastrophe of rapid climate change now demands that we retain the lessons we have learned from the pandemic – that to survive is to cooperate. 

The only way forward for all of us is to maximise the sharing of knowledge and research, to strive to cooperate in the strategies that will limit the earth’s warming and resolve to establish a new model of approaching plans for our economy. 

The hope for us all lies in global action. But the sum of our global success in combating climate change is made up by the actions we take at home, in our communities, and in our own nations. We all have a part to play. 

This Commission has been set up to examine how Scotland can work with the rest of the United Kingdom to do our part – and add to the sum of global action that will determine our future survival. 


Chair: Professor David Kerr  

The NHS is the best-loved British institution: a UK wide service based on common values and principles. We all agree that healthcare in the UK should be based on need, not on a credit card.

As the delivery of the Covid vaccine has shown, our individual health relies upon the NHS, governments and businesses sharing expertise and knowledge. With the lessons of the pandemic fresh in our minds, the Health Commission will examine how greater cooperation across the United Kingdom can be of value to the NHS and to patients in Scotland.


Chair: Professor Ronnie MacDonald  

More details to follow.


More details to follow.

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The patriotic, progressive and positive case for Scotland

Our Scottish Future is here to advance the patriotic, progressive and positive case for Scotland as part of our wider family of UK nations.

We stand for empathy not enmity, reciprocity not resentment, solidarity not separation and cooperation not perpetual conflict.

We stand for four nations working in unity.

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