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For a stronger Scotland in a better Britain

Join us to build the positive, progressive and patriotic case for the Scotland and UK we deserve

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Reality and Delivery: Achieving Net Zero in Scotland’s Homes

To mee our ambition to hit net zero by 2045, Scotland needs a plan. The task of decarbonising home heating is especially difficult. Our new paper proposes the creation of UK-Scottish Govt Project Delivery Taskforce
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The Union Needs A New Identity

A radicalised, nostalgic and reductive unionism only alienates most people, To create a stronger union, we need to embrace and celebrate the UK’s rich diversity, writes Mark McInnes.
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Climate Change Needs Joint Action

To cut to the chase, neither Scotland nor the UK as a whole has much chance of meeting its 2030 or 2045 or 2050 targets on climate change unless we see the UK government and
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What we believe in

Radical Change: Scotland has everything it needs to be a leading country in Europe – it is time to recover our NHS, restore our education system, end child poverty, and ensure a just transition to a more fair, prosperous green economy

Urgency: Scotland deserves better than another decade of political, economic and social stagnation. We cannot afford for politics to continue to focus on what we could do tomorrow at the expense of what we can do today

Devolution:The power and resources to make change happen should be in the hands of our communities, not hoarded in Westminster or Holyrood. Scotland and Britain’s devolution journey is still its infancy – our governments in Edinburgh and London must do more to empower and embolden local democracy and local decision-making

Co-Operation: We believe in a Union of cooperation, founded on the sense of solidarity and empathy that people across these islands share with one another. We can get the Scotland we deserve through co-operation between our two governments

Mutual Respect: Whatever happens over the next decade Scotland will continue to be shared by all of us – we believe that it is only by listening to each other and finding common ground between people of different backgrounds and beliefs  that we can bring about lasting change and a happier country

Listen again to our event with Gordon Brown on our podcast.

We will only achieve our goals if we work together

COP26 demonstrated once again that we cannot make change happen in the world without making it together. That’s why we’re calling for a COP UK to:

  • Agree common regulatory pathways
  • Distribute resources fairly, to support a fair transition across the UK
  • Bring together devolved authorities and nations, so that we can commit individually and collectively to carbon targets

Add your name and back our call for a COP UK.

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