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We campaign for a better Scotland in a renewed Britain. We believe that the best way to start doing this is by talking to and listening to people – whether or not they agree with us.

Everyone is welcome to come to our events where you can hear what we think and (more importantly) share your views on the future of Scotland with us and others. We are always looking for people to write about big ideas on the changes they want to see in Scotland for our website ScotlandCan. In addition to this we regularly publish research on how better co-operation can improve life in Scotland, and polling on what the Scottish public think.


If you love Scotland and want to remain part of the UK; if you want to debate Scotland’s future on the basis of mutual understanding and common-ground, and if you want to represent a movement that stands for the values we’re proud to share, please join us at one of our upcoming events.

Scotland in a Zoom

We’re bringing people from across Scotland together who disagree on our country’s future to see if there’s a plan we all might agree on to take us forward. You can read our report on the findings of this ground-breaking new project that brought together scores of Yes and No voters from across Scotland here.

“Scotland in a Zoom” encouraged voters on both sides of the constitutional debate to actively listen and positively engage with each other, before seeing where they could find consensus on a path forward for the country.

More than 80 voters from across Scotland took part in the virtual project in February and March this year, in groups of twelve over Zoom. You can find out more and sign up to take part in future sessions here.


Gordon Brown: “The Britain of Emma Raducanu Shows why Nationalists are Losing the Argument”

The public want to bang the door shut on a decade of division sewn by austerity, referendums and culture wars. A new Britain is waiting to be born. It is economically progressive; egalitarian on race,
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Poll Shows UK-Wide Shared Priorities and Values

Scotland, England, and Wales “Moving Closer Together not Further Apart”, says BrownNew Poll Shows That a “New Britain is Waiting to be Born” Based on Shared Priorities and ValuesGovernments of the UK Must Cooperate on
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UK-Scottish Government Jobs Support Needed for 70,000 at Risk Young Scots​

The UK and Scottish Governments must work together to prevent as many as 70,000 young Scots falling into unemployment, a new report by Our Scottish Future declares today.   Published a year on from the Scottish
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Our Scottish Future produces reports and analysis promoting the benefits of cooperation and solidarity between Scotland and the rest of the UK. You can read our latest reports and analysis here.


From the threat of climate change to the response to the Covid pandemic, we know that it is only through cooperation with others that we can solve some of the biggest challenges we face. Our Scottish Future aims to show how cooperative working by governments within the United Kingdom can deliver the change we all seek.
To that end, we are setting up four Commissions – on healthcare, economic growth, the environment, and child poverty – which are all seeking to answer the same question: how can better cooperation between our governments deliver the happier, healthier, greener future we all desire?
We are bringing together some key thinkers and will publish our reports and analysis over the coming months. 


ScotlandCan is a campaign run and owned by the Our Scottish Future think-tank. We publish research papers, opinion, and reportage which sets out an agenda for progressive change for our devolved Scottish Parliament.

ScotlandCan sources contributions from experts, front-line workers, journalists and young people. Our aim is to create a fresh debate about the potential for change through devolution and to provide fresh thinking for all political parties at Holyrood.

Join us.

To build the positive, progressive and patriotic case for a better Scotland in a reformed UK.

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For the Scotland we deserve

At Our Scottish Future, we believe Scotland can do better.

We can have a better politics than one of constant division and suspicion.

We can to do better on protecting our NHS, fighting poverty and inequality, and on saving our shared environment.

And we can do better by better cooperation, because not only are we united with our fellow Scots in looking for something better, but with people across the UK.

Join us, and help us build a positive, progressive and patriotic movement for a better Scotland in a reformed UK.

By clicking ‘Sign up’ you are agreeing to receive updates about Our Scottish Future. For more information about how we process your data take a look at our privacy policy.

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