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Cooperation not competition to support booster rollout

UK & Scottish government ministers should agree resource-sharing to deliver roll-out, and reopen mass vaccination centres. The emergence of the Omicron variant has underlined the
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Back ‘COPUK’ to Deliver Climate Neutral Scotland

The UK Government, devolved nations, and regional mayors should convene a ‘COPUK’ summit to accelerate the drive towards a carbon-neutral nation, Our Scottish Future is
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Edinburgh Chooses to Make the Positive Case for Scotland and the UK

On Saturday, Our Scottish Future held our first in-person event since the start of the pandemic. Entitled ‘Finding Common Cause’, a hall-full of hardy souls
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Report Backs A New ‘UK Office of Climate Responsibility’ to End Flatlining Carbon Cuts

Figures show Scottish carbon reductions “stagnating” A new report by Our Scottish Future calls for the creation of a new green network of UK institutions
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Four Nations, United by One Healthcare System?

Introduction Over the last 18 months, the Covid pandemic has demonstrated the need for an integrated and coordinated approach to healthcare.  Across the United Kingdom,
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A Consequential Budget: £8bn of Extra Choice

After 18 months where people have had their wages paid by the chancellor, nobody in Scotland needs any reminder of how important the budget is to our day to day lives. After an extraordinary year the collectively face extraordinary challenges. From the cost of living crisis, funding our public services to saving the planet, now is the time for government action. Many people will be asking how this budget is going to impact themselves, their family and their business.
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For the Scotland we deserve

At Our Scottish Future, we believe Scotland can do better.

We can have a better politics than one of constant division and suspicion.

We can to do better on protecting our NHS, fighting poverty and inequality, and on saving our shared environment.

And we can do better by better cooperation, because not only are we united with our fellow Scots in looking for something better, but with people across the UK.

Join us, and help us build a positive, progressive and patriotic movement for a better Scotland in a reformed UK.

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We will only achieve our goals if we work together

COP26 demonstrated once again that we cannot make change happen in the world without making it together. That’s why we’re calling for a COP UK to:

  • Agree common regulatory pathways
  • Distribute resources fairly, to support a fair transition across the UK
  • Bring together devolved authorities and nations, so that we can commit individually and collectively to carbon targets

Add your name and back our call for a COP UK.

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