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The Power of Positive Thinking

Today the House of Lords Constitution Commission has published a new report: "Respect and Cooperation: Building a Stronger Union for the 21st Century." While the report says the case for the Union remains strong, it does not mince its words in calling for change.
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Poll Backs Directly-Elected Provosts to Revive Local Democracy

The crisis in local democracy in Scotland is exposed in a poll which reveals that three-quarters of Scots are not confident they could name the leader of their local council. It also reveals the potential solution – the creation of directly-elected provosts to Scotland’s leading cities.
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Autonomy and Cooperation – Finding The Right Balance

"FULL fiscal autonomy would be a disaster for Scotland”. So Gordon Brown told an online Our Scottish Future audience of more than 300 people last week as he set out his vision for his nation as part of the United Kingdom.
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“Cooperation Can Make Scotland a Super-Power”

Gordon Brown used an online speech to Our Scottish Future yesterday evening to argue that deeper cooperation between Scotland and the rest of the UK can turn Scotland from a power to a “super-power” in in key growth industries of the future.
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COP shows Scotland can host the Cup

Scotland’s successful staging of COP26 should be used to power ahead the UK wide bid to host 2030 World Cup, the Our Scottish Future campaign
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Two Cheers for the Gove-ernor

It’s good when the penny finally drops, even years late. Mr Michael Gove has at last realised the people in England want government closer to them,
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For the Scotland we deserve

At Our Scottish Future, we believe Scotland can do better.

We can have a better politics than one of constant division and suspicion.

We can to do better on protecting our NHS, fighting poverty and inequality, and on saving our shared environment.

And we can do better by better cooperation, because not only are we united with our fellow Scots in looking for something better, but with people across the UK.

Join us, and help us build a positive, progressive and patriotic movement for a better Scotland in a reformed UK.

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We will only achieve our goals if we work together

COP26 demonstrated once again that we cannot make change happen in the world without making it together. That’s why we’re calling for a COP UK to:

  • Agree common regulatory pathways
  • Distribute resources fairly, to support a fair transition across the UK
  • Bring together devolved authorities and nations, so that we can commit individually and collectively to carbon targets

Add your name and back our call for a COP UK.

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