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Growth Plan Needed to Avert £2bn Black Hole

Scotland urgently needs a new long-term plan for growth or else governments will be forced to impose increasingly higher taxes on a permanent basis, a new report for Our Scottish Future warns today.
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Kirsty McNeill Named As New Our Scottish Future Advisory Board Chair

Anti-poverty campaigner Kirsty McNeill has today been named as the chair of Our Scottish Future’s new Advisory Board.
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3 Failures of Cooperation – And How Collaboration Can Save The Future

Recently our politics has been defined by opposition, with political combat between countries, parties and individuals becoming the norm. This lack of political cooperation at all levels benefits no one, and we are now seeing the results play out with devastating consequences.
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Cooperation not Competition – Building a Better Britain

Today our country needs leaders whose eyes are fixed on the future. And cooperation is the way of the future. With global problems like pandemics and climate change that cannot be solved by nation states on their own and with every country’s independence limited by their interdependence, nationalism is yesterday’s response to today’s challenges. The new Prime Minister should put constructive cooperation between our four nations at the heart of their vision for a British future.
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Former Leader of the Scottish Greens Responds to Proposals for a Second Referendum

In response to Nicola Sturgeon’s proposals for a second referendum, Robin Harper, the former leader of the Scottish Greens, said: “We would be much better off talking about how to improve the performance of the UK through an all encompassing refresh of how our democracy works, and how we can improve it to serve all four UK administrations.”
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Cooperation Can Build a Better NHS

In a new comment piece published today in The Lancet, former Prime Minister Gordon Brown and leading cancer specialist Professor David Kerr make the case for greater cooperation in health care provision in the UK.
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We will only achieve our goals if we work together

COP26 demonstrated once again that we cannot make change happen in the world without making it together. That’s why we’re calling for a COP UK to:

  • Agree common regulatory pathways
  • Distribute resources fairly, to support a fair transition across the UK
  • Bring together devolved authorities and nations, so that we can commit individually and collectively to carbon targets

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